An Analytics, Data Science and Visualization Consultancy, est. 2011

Dion Research LLC

Dion Research was founded in 2011, as a data science consulting firm, and product incubator. We have worked with customers ranging in size from well funded startups, up to very large Fortune 100 enterprises.

Some of the products developed for customers range from IoT black boxes for manufacturers and machine failure prediction models to a centralized logistic analytics platform. The newest addition is VISUAI: an AI driven Data Quality, Risk Auditing and Anomaly Detection platform.



Datascience is not about building models. Or about ingesting data. Or even automating the automation. It is a bit about all these things, but first and foremost, It is about formulating the right question to provide the right answer to the business.

From data, model, technology, code, visualization and communication, combined with domain knowledge, that is what we do: to provide a solution to a business problem, in a systematic way.

We use VISUAI in all our engagements, and can also leverage the Dion Research high performance computing cluster when extra computational power is needed.

Research and Development

Dion Research is a product incubator for software and hardware. Early products were Fully Integrated Software and Hardware (FISH), with custom hardware specific to the application. Currently, most products are software only.

Some, like Stemgraphic and Kinemathic are also open source (available on github).

In 2017, VISUAI was introduced as an internal product to provide Dion Research with faster delivery times of data products. At the request of customers, VISUAI was turned into a user friendly data science web platform, with a focus on Data Quality. It is available now at:


We can provide provide training for your team. Our curriculum covers areas of data quality, data science or visualization. The training is provided using Jupyter Notebooks, using Python or R. Some database and SQL content is also covered in some of these classes. These classes are typically available once a quarter.

We also offer a 1/2 day and 1 day class with VISUAI, for data analysts, auditors or data scientists.

  • Products: VISUAI

    VISUAI is an AI based data quality, risk auditing and anomaly detection platform developed by Dion Research LLC. The platform automatically builds its metrics, models and rules with minimum user intervention. It provides results as charts, reports, dashboard and interactive visualizations.

    VISUAI Index: Tell your customers you mean business with this data quality seal of approval!

    VISUAI Anomaly: Using the latest techniques in machine learning and statistics, this module helps you identify anomalous data

  • Products: Open Source

    Dion Research LLC publishes some of the technology used in VISUAI and as standalone products. These are available from

    . For example:

    stemgraphic python package for visualization of data and text

Our Founder

  • Francois Dion

    Francois Dion

    Founder and Chief Data Scientist

    Founder (2011) and chief data scientist of Dion Research LLC, creator of VISU.AI, an AI driven Data Quality, Risk Auditing and Anomaly Detection platform. I also do consulting in analytics, cybersecurity, data science, IoT and visualization. My academic background is in computer science and microelectronics.

    I founded the Python user group for the Piedmont Triad, holding monthly meetings at Wake Forest University. I have also mentored individuals in an online community for the R language and taught several workshops using the Raspberry Pi computer. I publish open source tools, such as Stemgraphic (, and publish some other things like podcasts at

    Outside the world of data science and statistics, my interests are diverse, polymathic, from art to language, 3d printing to history.

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